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  Egyptian Association for Marketing and Development is a (Central NGO), Registration No. 432/2000                

Vision: Develop and empower women entrepreneurs in terms of marketing and business development and encouraging youth to penetrate self-employment market.

Mission: A central NGO seeking to develop new generations of women entrepreneurs capable of competing in the free market economy by providing them with quality service to improve their local and international competitiveness.

NGO Strategic Goals : 

Improve NGO’s institutional capacity 

Expand NGO geographically by establishing branch offices allover Egypt.

Disseminate competitiveness and marketing culture

Assist young people to identify and accept new and non-traditional job opportunities to reduce unemployment.

EAMD has a strategic plan from 2008 to 2012, this strategic plan is revised on a year basis, last year a new component has been added which is mainstreaming gender equality in all activities implemented in addition to the role of monitoring and evaluation officer. EAMD has a Board of Directors with multiple experiences and strong relations with the government and private sector in addition to the community. Moreover, it includes in its general assembly members several consultants and community leaders in various field as (Law, education economics, media and governmental officers). Also EAMD is a member in several federation Unions as (Investors Federation, General Federation, and Environmental Federations). 

EAMD acts as NGO Umbrella to female entrepreneurs’ business forum and the Egyptian network of business organizations. 

- EAMD has a consistent organizational structure where its institutional financial and technical capacities have been raised due to trainings in various topics as (Internal governance, Result Based Management (RBM), Rights Based Approach, Gender Equality, Advocacy Networking and others) -EAMD received awards and praises from various parties. Furthermore, it was chosen as an expert guidance and co-existence, in the advocacy campaigns of the American' Development Foundation (ADF).

-EAMD participated and implemented several advocacy campaigns, including (Amendment of Article (14) of the Regulations of Article( 5 )of Small and Medium Enterprises Law, Year 2008, the amendment was approved by the Minister of Local Development in addition to improving the quality of governmental services provided to citizens from Maadi office resulting to raise the awareness of 385 employees of the town with (the principles of transparency, accountability, anti- corruption, a code of ethics was prepared especially for employees in Maadi office, setting up a complaint form has been accredited and deployed).

-EAMD participated in campaigns to amend the Act No (11) of 1991 concerning the sales tax and modifying an Article of the law of chambers of commerce which prevented women to be nominated in elections.

EAMD conducted several researches and studies through its various projects. During year (2009) EAMD carried out a field study on obstacles and challenges faced by Small and Micro enterprises in three governorates; (Qalubia, Menofya and Ismailia)

EAMD now implementing the project entitled “Improve Public Services Delivery and the Quality of Life in Cairo. The project seeks to build the capacities and skills of Civil   Society activists in Cairo district so as to become active in combating corruption and ensuring good governance at their respective local authorities.

EAMD Projects related to the (APS)' program

1-(Let us market together) funded by Canadian international development agency (CIDA) program (PDP) aimed at improving market opportunities for women entrepreneurs

2- (IT Club) in collaboration with Microsoft, Integrated Service Association, and Ministry of Communication. Delivering training to 450 young men and women on the importance of using information technology in jobs and in their small enterprises.

3- Training for employment project supported by industrial modernization center (IMC) in Garbia Governorate. Training 600 young men and women to acquire administrative and services skills required in labor market. 

4- Developing specialized marketing cadres funded by the Canadian international   development agency (CIDA) program (PDP)

5 - Improvement of investment conditions in 3 governorate (Qalubia - Menofya - Ismailia) funded by the America's development foundation (ADF)

6- A recent study by the Association for the constraints and challenges of small and micro   enterprises in the three governorates (Qalubia - Menofya - Ismailia)

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